About Us

Creating value in healthcare

Are you invested in your health and wellness? Believe that prevention is better than cure? Here at Preventiononly, we know that future of healthcare is not just treating disease, but recognizing risks earlier and eliminating them. 


We are a team of experienced physicians, cardiologists and healthcare insiders invested in improving your health and reducing your risk of developing serious chronic cardiovascular conditions. Learn more about us below (Meet the team). 


Our goals are to provide the most cutting edge technology in preventive care, in a way that is convenient to you as the customer. We use science and data to provide you guidance. Give us an opportunity today to make a meaningful difference in your life and your loved ones. 

Patient with Healthcare Nurse

Our Story

" Doctor, will I ever be able to lead a normal life?" A genuine concern from a husband and 50 year old father of two after a heart attack. We took care of him. 

Secretly, we wished we met him 10 years ago. 

Globally and in United States, heart disease is the number one cause of death and disability. 

80% of cardiovascular diseases including heart disease and stroke are preventable, according to American heart Association.

While doing this for years, we have searched for innovative ways of delivering exceptional care. So we created Preventiononly. Good preventive care is not just a handful of pills. There is a science and an art to it. Our core values, customer centric approach and constant innovation makes us unique.

Meet The Team