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Find out your risk of heart disease

Eating right and working out regularly, or simply want to start the journey to a healthier self?

  • 30 min
  • 70 US dollars
  • Virtual

Service Description

No matter what your goals are, whether you already do everything to stay healthy or want to start doing so, this is where to start. Anyone who is an adult and lives in the following states can participate : Ohio, Louisiana, Michigan, Utah, Wisconsin, Alabama, Texas, Idaho, Washington, New Hampshire. Most of this happens at your own home, at your own pace. You only need to make a trip to the laboratory for blood draw. Even though we show appointments and schedules, this is not a time-limited service. We start by asking you basic questions about your health and family history. We need your recent blood pressure reading (could be blood pressure measured with home kit, or from a pharmacy or fire station, or last visit to the doctors'.) We ask you to do a blood work at a partnering laboratory. At this time, we partner with Quest diagnostics or Labcorp. The laboratory services fees are already included! Finally we put it altogether and give you your estimated 10 year risk of developing heart disease(for those who don't have his condition at present). For example: " your estimated risk of developing heart problems in the new decade is 10%. This is considered high, compared to your peers of same age and sex. The average risk in your peer group is 2%." We also give you a personalized heart-health score and comparison with best possible score in your category. This score gives you an estimate of your modifiable behaviors and an opportunity for you to work towards your best health. Why should you care? Heart diseases are the #1 cause of death and disability. 80% of heart diseases are preventable. Majority are not taking the right step at the right time. Not satisfied with our services? Email us at, we will refund you your money back.

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