Picking the diet that's right for you and your family

Updated: Sep 5

It all started when researchers and scientists noticed that people of Mediterranean origin, had much lower risk of heart disease and death than elsewhere in the world, despite having less than ideal healthcare compared to Northern Europe and America

and higher rates of smoking.

When they tried to find the cause, the Mediterranean pattern of diet appeared to be one of the major reasons.

Subsequent research showed that the Mediterranean diet not only reduces risk of heart disease, but improves life expectancy and reduces risk of dementia.

What is Mediterranean diet?

It is a diet rich in fresh whole ingredients, fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, whole grains, sea food, olive oil and dairy and poultry in limited quantities. Yes, small amounts or red wine and dark chocolate features in there too. See the pyramid below for better understanding.


Are there any downsides of Mediterranean diet?

Not much other than a particular dietary pattern is sometimes hard to adhere to. Also no one knows if cherry picking parts of Mediterranean diet gives the same benefits .

The other risk is that of obesity, if we do not pay attention to portions, like any other diet.

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