Common diet myths

Updated: Nov 24

1. Eat Superfoods to be healthy: No. Blueberries or quinoa or avocados are not " cure for all". Don't restrict yourself to a few things from the "superfood" aisle. Food is inherently nutritious and more diverse your diet is, the better it is for you.

2. Do a “ gut cleansing” from time to time with a peculiar diet . Nope, no need. Your gut will be happy once you stop eating processed food. There may be some role of probiotics in gut health, but at the time of this article, this is not well understood and more research is needed. In future we may see a very personalized probiotic regimen, however, please don't waste your money on someone who states they know all about it. Instead try to find a research program to participate in.

3. You need vitamins and supplements to be healthy: vitamins and supplements can do more harm than good, if not used correctly. For example, did you know that the commonly used fish oil, consumed by millions, can actually increase your bad cholesterol, and increase your risk of atrial fibrillation? Check with your doctor, if you need to take any and stop wasting your money!

4. Gluten is bad for you: yes, only if you have celiac disease or true gluten allergy. Before you spend thousands of dollars each month on this very special diet, please do yourself a favor and do your research well.

5. Warm lemon water in the morning helps you lose belly fat: really no reason for that to work. Instead pick up your weights and gym shoes, cut out the sugar(yes alcohol is sugar) and see the belly fat slowly melt away!

6. Eat calorie burning food: Sorry that just doesn't exist. Food comes with calories, unless you are drinking water and eating air. Instead, eating smart can make you feel satisfied. Read more about this here:

High protein diet can help with thermogenesis(heat generation), instead of adding to stored energy, but is quite controversial. I wouldn't tout this exactly as calorie burning. If you don't pay attention to portion size/calories, you will definitely gain weight.

Eat real food, not supplements! Be happy and healthy.

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