11 ways to trick your body into losing weight

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The weight loss math is simple: calories(energy) in should be lower than calories(energy) out.

Execution? Not so much.

It takes weeks to months of consistent behavior change to see effects. It is a lifelong challenge to keep the lost weight off.

Good sleep is necessary to keep your stress hormones( which causes weight gain) down.

There is no “calorie burning“ food despite popular claims. But eating smart may help you stay satisfied and healthy.

Genetics and hormones play minor roles. There is growing evidence that the bacteria in our gut plays role in weight gain.

Want to know about some tricks you can use ?

1- Start dinner with a large glass of water. That helps your stomach feel full earlier.

2- Chose a smaller plate size( 10” plate or smaller instead of 11 or 12”).

3- Wait 15 minutes before going for second helping. It takes few minutes for the brain to understand it is satisfied. Eat slowly and chew well.

4- Don’t shop for groceries when hungry. You end up buying unhealthy food.

5- Do not drink your calories( in other words opt for calorie free beverages).

6- Stock your pantry and fridge with only healthy options . Avoid processed food, especially ultra processed ones with chemicals in it that your can’t pronounce. They can damage the friendly gut bacteria.

7- Set realistic goals.

8- Celebrate your success. 9-Identify temptations and learn from your slips.

10- Track your caloric intake (at least in the initial 3-6 months), to get a better understanding of caloric content of food and understand portion Size better. Try to understand calories lost from physical activities. Use apps to track( there are many available).

11-Find a buddy with similar interest to workout with. This helps you stay motivated.

Find out more about your BMI and why you can’t give up trying to lose weight here-


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